Animal: The Impact of Violent Films on Society 2023

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Violent films have become a hotly debated topic in recent years. Many argue that these films have a negative impact on society, influencing individuals to adopt aggressive behavior and perpetuate harmful beliefs. One such film that has stirred controversy is “Animal”. In this blog, we will explore the detrimental effects of violent films, particularly “Animal”, on our society.

The Absence of a Father’s Love and Harsh Parenting

Research suggests that a child’s psychological well-being is significantly impacted by the absence of a father’s love and harsh parenting. Studies have shown that children who grow up without a caring father experience lower self-confidence and are more likely to develop aggressive behavior. These issues can persist into adulthood, leading to severe problems.

Interestingly, the concept of a father’s absence and harsh parenting has been explored in various films, including the cinematic masterpiece “The White Ribbon” and Indian films like “Ardh Satya” and “Udaan”. These films shed light on the impact of such sensitive issues on individuals and society as a whole.

The Link Between Violent Films and Toxic Masculinity

One of the key themes in “Animal” is toxic masculinity. The film portrays the protagonist as a short-tempered, quick-to-anger alpha male who exhibits violent behavior towards women. This portrayal of masculinity glorifies violence and perpetuates regressive views about women.

Psychological research has shown that individuals who hold regressive views about women are more likely to exhibit violent behavior. Films like “Animal” contribute to the normalization of these views and further perpetuate toxic masculinity in society.

The Influence of Mass Media on Behavior

Mass media plays a significant role in shaping an individual’s behavior and beliefs. Films, TV shows, songs, and advertisements all contribute to the formation of one’s identity and perception of the world. While some argue that watching violent films does not directly lead to violent behavior, it is important to recognize the subconscious effect that these films can have on our minds.

Studies have shown that exposure to the objectification of women in mass media, as seen in films like “Animal”, contributes to violence against women. UNICEF has highlighted the negative impact of such objectification, emphasizing the need for responsible media representation.

The Role of Violence in Cinema

Violence has become a selling point in many films, both in Bollywood and Hollywood. Filmmakers often rely on violent scenes to attract audiences and generate revenue. However, it is crucial to distinguish between films that depict violence realistically, highlighting its negative impact, and films that glamorize violence, like “Animal“.

Realistic portrayal of violence can serve as a social commentary, creating awareness and fostering empathy. On the other hand, glamorizing violence only perpetuates a toxic environment and normalizes aggressive behavior.

The Impact of Violent Films on the Psyche

Individuals who are drawn to violent films often have underlying feelings of powerlessness and repression in their lives. Watching these films allows them to envision themselves as the powerful protagonist, finding temporary satisfaction in the violent acts depicted on screen.

While this escapist fantasy may provide a temporary release, it does not address the root causes of their feelings of powerlessness. In fact, it may further perpetuate violent tendencies and hinder personal growth.


Films like “Animal” have a c@ncerous effect on our society. They perpetuate toxic masculinity, objectify women, and glorify violence. While it is important to recognize the distinction between realistic portrayal of violence and glamorization of violence, it is equally important to hold filmmakers accountable for the societal impact of their films.

As responsible consumers, we have the power to reject films that promote regressive views and violence. By engaging in discussions and raising awareness about the negative impact of such films, we can work towards a more inclusive and empathetic society.

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