13 December: A Breach of Security in the Parliament

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The Incident and its Aftermath

An alarming incident took place in the Lok Sabha recently, showcasing a major breach of security. While the video footage of the incident made rounds on social media, the reactions and subsequent actions of the Members of Parliament (MPs) have left the nation concerned. The incident unfolded when a few unidentified individuals managed to infiltrate the visitor’s gallery with canisters emitting yellow smoke. The members present in the Lok Sabha responded swiftly, overpowering the intruders and preventing any potential harm. However, the gravity of the situation cannot be ignored, given the historical significance of the date – 13th December, the day on which the Indian Parliament was attacked in 2001.

The Breach of Security

The breach of security raises numerous questions and concerns. The individuals who gained access to the visitor’s gallery went unnoticed with canisters that emitted yellow smoke, the contents of which are yet unknown. It remains uncertain whether the smoke was toxic, poisonous, or simply smoke bombs. The fact that such a breach occurred on a day marked by a previous attack on the Parliament has further raised eyebrows and intensified the need for a thorough investigation.

Reactions and Recommendations

Various political parties and leaders have expressed their concerns and opinions on the incident. Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav, for instance, demanded a ban on such incidents and emphasized the importance of increasing security measures. The incident has also sparked debates on the efficacy of the security protocols in place, and many are calling for a re-evaluation to prevent future occurrences.

The Importance of Security

The breach of security in the Lok Sabha is a matter of national importance. The incident highlights the need for improved security measures, especially in a location as crucial as the Parliament. The safety of MPs, staff, and visitors should remain a top priority to ensure the smooth functioning of the democratic process. The incident has shed light on the potential vulnerabilities that need to be addressed promptly to prevent any potential threat to the country’s leadership.

Parliamentary Procedures and Updates

While investigations into the incident continue, it is essential to stay updated on the latest developments. The Parliament is a place where crucial decisions and discussions take place, shaping the destiny of the nation. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of parliamentary procedures and the need for constant vigilance. It is crucial to follow updates and recommendations from trusted sources to stay informed about the progress made in addressing security concerns.


The breach of security in the Lok Sabha is a matter that demands immediate attention and action. The incident has raised concerns about the efficacy of existing security measures and the potential risks associated with such breaches. It is essential for all stakeholders to work together to ensure the safety and security of the Parliament, its members, and the democratic process as a whole.

Lok Sabha resumed at 2 pm, with Speaker Om Birla making a brief statement. “We are investigating the matter and have asked Delhi Police to join the inquiry,” he told understandably agitated MPs.

“Both have been caught and the materials with them have also been seized. The two people (they have been identified as Sagar Sharma and D Manoranjan) outside Parliament have also been arrested.”

The Lower House was later adjourned till 11 am Thursday. Meanwhile, two other individuals – a man and a woman – were detained outside Parliament, also with colored pressurized canisters that exploded and spewed red and yellow smoke.

Delhi Police sources have told NDTV that the two incidents are likely related. According to news agency PTI, the man and woman have been identified as Amol Shinde, 25, and Neelam, 42.

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